The Inquiry Project Community



twittersmHow do I use twitter? People have described twitter as “surrounding yourself with interesting people constantly.” This online community is like the teacher’s lounge of the inquiry project. Visit twitter @TheInquiryProj to retweet our materials to other teachers. Also use twitter to follow the conversation  as well as to help stay updated with the conversation on this blog.

facebookgroupsWhat is the difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page? There are two different ways to connect with us on Facebook. The Facebook group is intended to help teachers find other teachers. So, you can search the group for “near Cambridge, MA” and try to connect directly with other teachers. The Facebook page plays a similar role as twitter– it is a tool to catch teachers’ eye and help them find their way to this great resource for inquiry-based science curriculum.

mediaWhat about online privacy concerns? Both the blog and the twitter account is designed so that you can be completely anonymous. Connecting with the Facebook platform is linked to your Facebook account, so other members of the group can see anything that you have allowed public access to on your Facebook page. We encourage you to treat this like a public space– engage enthusiastically, and post only things that you would feel comfortable saying in a public forum in the “real world.”

What have been your experiences with this curriculum?

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